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Description :

Genuine Shooting Fps Strike is a number 1 3d fps offline shooting and sniper game. Real Shooting Fps Strike is designed for FPS fans. Join the battle and destroy all enemies as a commando to conserve the world. Real Shooting Fps Strike is complimentary to play, and it is one of the finest shooting games. New 30 various maps, new weapons, brand-new video game modes are awaiting you in this incredible action video game, where you and terrorists are going to engage in the fight. If you have a trend for playing terrorist shooting games, you will enjoy the arena of brand-new and terrorist war games in this totally free Genuine Shooting Fps Strike. Play this great brand-new fps shooting game to show your target shooting abilities. Goal to shoot with heavy & auxiliary weapons as a first-person perspective shooter in Genuine Shooting Fps Strike. You can download this strike weapon video game for free and play it whenever you are tired, as it is an offline gun game.

Gameplay and objectives:

In this shooting fps game, you require to pass each level to go to the next one. Genuine shooting Fps strike is a mission game; you will have to eliminate all the enemies in the objective to go onto the next phase, you will be rewarded with cash after each level. With this reward, you can purchase and update your guns and make yourself strong. It is a pistol video game, so you can move around the complimentary map and eliminate enemies with your arsenal; you can crouch and proceed with the spindle to dodge enemy bullets and kill them. After every mission, you will get money for new weapons, and you will be instantly sent out to the next level. In this video game, you require to pass all the levels to end the storyline; it's a first-person point of view (FPP) video game with Genuine HD visuals and outstanding audio quality. The essence of a genuine shooting game exists in the Real Shooting Fps strike game. Walk around the level map, eliminate the enemies, purchase and upgrade your brand-new weapons to finish challenging missions. Eliminating opponents will get you cash in the video game; headshots get you extra cash after completing the mission. This new video game will challenge you with numerous brand-new goals, and you will need to eliminate all of the opponents to advance to the next round. This game provides you 30 new missions; objectives become more complex as soon as you remove all opponents in the very first 5-6 missions. When you initially start the video game, you'll be eager to eliminate all opponents and get all of the weapons to become invincible.


After you have eliminated opponents and earned rewards, you can buy brand-new weapons. For this, you need to go to the weapon store and buy any weapon you like. Genuine Shooting Fps strike lets you buy guns such as AK-47, Shotgun, MP5, and so on. Every weapon has its cost; its price depends on its capabilities such as good firing rate, exceptional handling, and accuracy.


Genuine shooting Fps strike has a setting user interface in the video game to control Music volume, Sound volume, level of sensitivity of the screen, and it offers an option of auto-shoot. This option will help you kill enemies without even pressing the fire button; as the enemies get closer, your geared up gun will fire and eliminate the enemies in the mission. If you take pleasure in playing first-person combating and shooting games, counter-terrorist games! Then do not waste any time and play this new fps experience shooting game. If you're searching for the finest totally free sniper 3d game, then a Genuine shooting Fps strike is certainly for you to fight with challengers in terrorist shooting video games to receive the maximum action in totally free shooting video games or fps shooting video games. This action video game will offer you a range of reasonable 3D areas to provide you with hours of enjoyable.

Instruction :

Movement - WASD, fire - left mouse, zoom - ideal mouse, jump - space, lock cursor - L, Crouch - C, Reload - R.

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