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Category : Arcade
Description :

MathPup is through with math for the day and is off searching for canine bones. Help MathPup get the pet dog bone in each level in this platform puzzle game by having MathPup Strategically push and pull boxes so that MathPup can safely get to the canine bone's location.

Instruction :

Keyboard Controls: WASD secrets to move MathPup. Arrow secrets to move boxes when they are horizontal or vertical to MathPup. Touch Controls: Utilize the on-screen arrow keys to move either packages or MathPup. Change between box and MathPup control by touching the icon shown between the 4 arrows. Boxes can just be moved when they are horizontal or vertical to MathPup.

This MathPup Story have been played 339 time and receive 0 votes, this MathPup Story was released on category Arcade games and can play more related Arcade games such as Crazy Obstacle Blitz - Going Ball 3D, catch the apple 2021, Basket 3D, Slope UFO, Blockminer Run Two Player, Locoman 2, Numbers Bricks, Fun Race On Ice, Fast Tennis, Mr Superfire, on games-games. Release Date: 6 November 2021

Tags :

arcade, puzzle, platform, mathnook, mathnook

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